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Dear Kevin and the Blogg Charitable Trust,

You have been instrumental in bringing amazing opportunities to life for our mentees. The funding given to Big Brothers Big Sisters has helped a number of children participate in activities they wouldn’t normally be able to give a go! Below are the young people you have helped this year, each one of them is thoroughly enjoying their chosen activity, we hope you enjoy reading about their stories so far!

Wow what great words!! I feel our parents sum it all up beautifully. The incredible generosity and support we receive from the Blogg Charitable Trust is incredibly appreciated and as you can see enables the young people on our programme to take part in amazing opportunities which otherwise would not be afforded to them. It is so great to see how valuable it is for them to be able to join in like everyone else, creating that space to shine, to learn, grow and experience themselves, to build those connections, interests, friendships that build skills and confidence they can take with them through life.

Thank you on behalf of them, our families, mentors and our team,

Nga Mihi Nui.

Isla $840 Grant – 4 terms Gymnastics

Isla used to attend gymnastics classes, had a natural talent for it and loved it, unfortunately the arrival of her baby sister meant they were unable to afford for her to continue. Isla also found the transition from being the only child at home hard which is why she was referred for a big sister. Her family, teacher and big sister felt it was important for her to have another opportunity to enjoy something else outside of the mentoring which would be just for her and give her a sense of achievement.

Comment from Isla’s Mum:
Isla (in the floral leggings) is loving her time at gymnastics, is showing great form, growing confidence and making new friends – thank you!

Conn $160 Grant – Soccer subs 2018

At the end of last year Conn lost his Dad after a long health battle. Conn and his Dad did everything together and the poor wee guy was really feeling the devastating effects.
Conn was matched with his mentor Mac back January, sharing heaps of interests and personalities they quickly became fast and close friends. Conn and Mac love spending time together flying drones, watching car shows, building and talking about cars, and going out on fun trips. Conn wanted life to go on as normal and be a normal kid like everyone else and had his eye on playing soccer this year again. Conn’s Mum agreed and felt that soccer would help bridge the gap and support the good stuff happening around him and help life feel more normal. Sadly in her new situation Hilary was not able to pay for this, they were both over the moon to hear that Kevin Blogg was able to help!!
Mac, Conn’s mentor and his wife love going on a Saturday morning to support and cheer for Conn from the side lines, Mac says it’s great to see Conn out there giving it his all, striving to be better and being able to be a valuable member of the team. Mac’s son in law plays soccer at a high level and likes to play the odd game with them and gives Conn some extra coaching which he loves.

Letter from Hilary Conn’s Mum:
Conn is absolutely loving soccer every Saturday morning. He is making great friends with a lovely group of boys and the coach is so supportive and makes it fun. His skills are improving every week and so is his confidence.
At the moment he plays midfield but some matches they change it around. A few weeks ago he got player of the day and he was delighted.
It's great for him to have to get up every Saturday morning and play no matter what the weather and he loves it!

Thank you so much for funding Conn to play soccer this year it's been amazing for him.
Regards Hilary (Conn’s Mum).

Seth $210 Grant – Rugby subs 2018 and boots

Seth is a the eldest of 3 brothers living with his Mum, as the eldest he takes on the role of man of the house always looking out for his family. He has ADHD and he finds this hard to manage which leaves him quite isolated. Seth has loved playing rugby for last 3 years as this gives him the perfect outlet for his energy and provides him with a sense of achievement and being part of the lads which he struggles to get elsewhere. Having a new baby meant his Mum was not able to afford it this year, so Seth was delighted when he found out The Blogg Charitable Trust made it possible for him!

Letter from his Mum Cassandra:
A Huge thank you to The Blogg Charitable Trust for funding Seth to play rugby this year and for paying for his boots so he can play. Seth is really enjoying his rugby and is more motivated than ever this year, he is trying really hard and aiming to get his first ever try!!
He started off playing lock but is now playing on the wing which he loves, he is getting in there and giving it his all. I feel he has more confidence out there on the field this year and has a lot more understanding of the game.
His mentor Chandler has been great coming to support him at games and spends time practicing ball skills and passing with him during some of their sessions.
Seth struggles to make friends so playing rugby really helps him to feel part of something, connects him with others, boosts his confidence and provides a perfect outlet for him to be physical in a safe and meaningful way.

Thank you Blogg Charitable Trust for giving my son this valuable opportunity.
Regards Cassandra (Seth’s Mum)

Konnor $79.99 Grant – Rugby Boots

"Sitting here today in the beautiful sunshine, watching Konner's rugby practice. I'm literally watching a boy that has transformed before my eyes. His confidence & enthusiasm is the first thing that is staring me in the face. Then of course the commitment, dedication, that being part of a team sport brings. His empathy & respect for others, whether it be his team mates or his opposing team & his gratitude too others especially his coaches.  He thanks them with a hand shake & showing them the respect of his appreciation by looking them in the eye as he's doing this. 

All of these amazing traits that sadly he didn't have the confidence to do before has Ged written all over it. There was a period of time where the slow progress was my biggest frustration.  Knowing the amazing effort Ged was giving - his heart & soul each week  (there was what I thought was still a few too many moments of disappointment but Ged could see the bigger picture way before I could & he kept so positive which kept Konner positive & moving forward).

The gift of someone just being there every week has a huge impact in itself. Beyond that the gift of rugby has opened up so many other doors. I was very concerned just recently when coach Bruce's son decided to give up scouts. I thought Konner would be too shy to go it alone. However too my delight he bravely let Mike the guy in charge pick him up & take him to scouts. When Mike drops him off each week, he thanks him & shakes his hand in appreciation - another moment where it's Ged's success.

Feedback from Mike on Konner's behaviour at scouts is that his manners & respect are impeccable & he's one of the boys that Mike doesn't have to worry about like other boys. He also has no problems with Konner's willingness to participate. Which did use too be an issue before Ged.

I'm writing this because I want to express how much Big Brother Big Sister, your wonderful kind amazing sponsor who have supported Konner's in his rugby so he can be part of a teams, has impacted on my whole family's life. Even teachers at school are impressed with the change of positivity, confidence & effort he's putting into everything school wise. He's even part of the school rugby team this year & is a confident player.

Please share this email with everyone at Big Brother Big Sister. Your sponsor & of course Ged himself because what u amazing people are doing works because it is working. I now have confidence myself that I'm raising a young man that has a future. Konner may lack academics but he is learning so many life skills that it headed by respect, respect of others as well as respecting himself & respect pretty much covers everything in life. So now I have hope & I'm so positive myself. Big Brothers are gold for a boy who actually didn't know how to be a boy, let alone a man that he's meant to grow up into.

Thanks too Ged, he respects me more now than ever.
I thank u all from the bottom of my heart!
Tash (Konnor’s Mum)

Family Works - various stories

[Worker] The ‘gift’ of being able to access the Blogg Charitable Trust to receive financial support within our organisation is a resource that is one I treasure and am deeply grateful for. The granting of financial assistance for young people makes a significant and lasting difference in their day to day lives.


One particular client I have worked with has also appreciated the ‘gift’ of the financial support. It enabled them to remain engaged and participating in school life. They were the recipient of funds which supported both sporting and academic involvement at school over time. Below are parts of letters the client wrote to the Trust showing their appreciation.


[Client] My life needed some changes for me to get back on my feet and to be able to get back to my sport I love was great for my physical and mental health. I had to push and challenge myself several times a week; it was amazing to feel this way again. A grant to pay for my sporting fees has taken stress off me. Thank you so so much. Your kindness won’t be forgotten.


[Client] I am whole-hearted, passionate, committed to this new sport you supported me in trying. My coach is incredible. With this sport I have been provided with opportunities to set goals, gain self-confidence, work hard through pain, and build strength to keep other aspects of my life on track. Thanks to the Trust, I have found a new passion, goals and joy in my life.


[Client] I want to say an enormous thank you to the Trust for providing me a grant to purchase a piece of equipment I needed for my studies. The huge amount of stress off my shoulders around the urgent need of this equipment meant if helped in my academic success. I am, and will forever be thankful for your support, as it has provided many opportunities, life skills, and necessities to my life.


[Worker] Reflecting with my client one session about this support, they became tearful. As we talked about the meaning of the tears and looked to the future we discussed the ‘pay it forward’ concept. I will not be surprised when this client enters adulthood and a donation is placed with an organisation that supports young people like them.


Thank you Blogg Charitable Trust, not only does your Trust provide ‘gifts’ of financial resources, but these gifts have impacted on this young person that the Trust has also role modeled the desire to ‘pay it forward’ for her.


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