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Big Brothers & Sisters of Christchurch

"one hour, one week, one life"

Dear Blogg Charitable Trust,

You have been instrumental in bringing amazing opportunities to life for our mentees. The funding given to Big Brothers Big Sisters has helped a number of children participate in activities they wouldn’t normally be able to give a go! Below are the young people you have helped this year, each one of them is thoroughly enjoying their chosen activity, we hope you enjoy reading about their stories so far!

Wow what great words!! I feel our parents sum it all up beautifully. The incredible generosity and support we receive from the Blogg Charitable Trust is incredibly appreciated and as you can see enables the young people on our programme to take part in amazing opportunities which otherwise would not be afforded to them. It is so great to see how valuable it is for them to be able to join in like everyone else, creating that space to shine, to learn, grow and experience themselves, to build those connections, interests, friendships that build skills and confidence they can take with them through life.

Thank you on behalf of them, our families, mentors and our team,

Nga Mihi Nui.


Family Works - various stories

[Worker] The ‘gift’ of being able to access the Blogg Charitable Trust to receive financial support within our organisation is a resource that is one I treasure and am deeply grateful for. The granting of financial assistance for young people makes a significant and lasting difference in their day to day lives.


One particular client I have worked with has also appreciated the ‘gift’ of the financial support. It enabled them to remain engaged and participating in school life. They were the recipient of funds which supported both sporting and academic involvement at school over time. Below are parts of letters the client wrote to the Trust showing their appreciation.


[Client] My life needed some changes for me to get back on my feet and to be able to get back to my sport I love was great for my physical and mental health. I had to push and challenge myself several times a week; it was amazing to feel this way again. A grant to pay for my sporting fees has taken stress off me. Thank you so so much. Your kindness won’t be forgotten.


[Client] I am whole-hearted, passionate, committed to this new sport you supported me in trying. My coach is incredible. With this sport I have been provided with opportunities to set goals, gain self-confidence, work hard through pain, and build strength to keep other aspects of my life on track. Thanks to the Trust, I have found a new passion, goals and joy in my life.


[Worker] Reflecting with my client one session about this support, they became tearful. As we talked about the meaning of the tears and looked to the future we discussed the ‘pay it forward’ concept. I will not be surprised when this client enters adulthood and a donation is placed with an organisation that supports young people like them.


Thank you Blogg Charitable Trust, not only does your Trust provide ‘gifts’ of financial resources, but these gifts have impacted on this young person that the Trust has also role modeled the desire to ‘pay it forward’ for her.


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